About Midwifery Care in New York...some common questions.

 CNMs, or certified nurse midwives, are midwives who began as registered nurses and subsequently graduated from a nurse midwifery education program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education and have passed a national certification examination.  CNMs are also called 'Mid-level providers' .  They have prescriptive privilege in New York and can practice in any setting...home, private office, clinic, birthing center, or hospital.  They are advanced practice nurses, but are not the same as a nurse practitioner.  CNMs are authorized to practice in all states, but with some variation.

CMs, or certified midwives, are midwives who do not have a nursing background, but who have a prior degree in another health related field.  CMs are a relatively new profession, and can practice in only six  states, including New York.

CPMs, or certified professional midwives, are midwives who entered a Midwifery Education Accreditation Council accredited program directly.  They pass a certification exam from the North American Registry of Midwives.  Their education process occurs under the supervision of other midwives who are nationally certified.  CPMs  provide homebirth and birth center care, and are legally authorized to practice in 30 states, but not yet in N.Y.

NY state does not require that CNMs have 'supervision' by a physician.  We are expected to have relationships with providers and facilities that can offer consultation or care when needed.  We are independent health care providers.

Part of the commitment to women, families, and midwifery means that students may be part of your care.  It is your right to decline care or contact with any student at North Shore Midwifery...whether a particular individual or any student...at any time, or to change your mind about student involvement.

The same is true for midwifery/birth assistants.  If you find you are not comfortable with a particular assistant, its ok...just say so.  Janet understands, and so do the assistants or students.  Its all part of appropriate midwifery care.  However, life being what it is, though we try very hard to keep plans according to your wishes,  sometimes we have to include someone new to help at birth.