Caring For Women, Caring For Families...Where They Live.

North Shore Midwifery Services in Rocky Point, NY, provides complete care for birth at home, lactation support, and comprehensive gynecology services... all with the peace of mind that comes from shared decision making and a close working relationship with your provider.

About Our Staff...

North Shore Midwifery is owned and operated by Janet L. Titmus-Delettera CNM, who has served Long Island families with her specialized care for more than 30 years.

Janet began her lifelong career in helping mothers, fathers, babies, and families after the birth of her own three children. Starting out as a childbirth educator, continuing to support women as a professional labor support partner (what we now call a doula), Janet went on to assist other homebirth midwives until completing her own midwifery certification at Downstate University, SUNY Brooklyn, in 1991.

In the years since, she has combined multiple midwifery functions to achieve a high level of scope and experience. From inner city midwifery department director to office gynecology, family planning and lactation consultation, Janet brings not only her extensive learning, but her heart to all her clients.  Birth at home...a personal relationship with clients and the community, care with respect and shared decision making...has always been at the center of Janets' professional life.